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2019 Senior Rep Shoot | White Sparrow Barn

The first time I came across this place, I was in complete LOVE and KNEW I just HAD to shoot there! Unfortunately, I do not shoot weddings anymore, so I wasn't sure it was ever going to happen!

Last fall, I began planning my 2019 Rep Program and was trying to think of an AMAZING shoot to kick off our year with a BANG and BOOM I knew this was the ONLY way I could go! I booked it up and announced it at my rep meetings!

So here we are June 2019 and I FINALLY got to make it out to this AMAZING place and capture my beauties in this amazing place!

Not only did I get to capture my Senior Models but I also got to capture one of my MINI Models, Ashley, but she looks just as old as the rest of them!

Venue: White Sparrow Barn - Quinlan, TX

HMUA: Farrah Fasang and Emilee Eckles

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