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Abby | Grace Community Senior

Abby will be a senior at Grace Community and is one of my KKP Senior Reps! Her sister, Rylan, was my rep last year, so I was so excited to have Abby join my team this year!

We took Abby's pictures this past Tuesday and it was a BEAUTIFUL day outside, and as I was going to pick up Abby at her house, I start hearing thunder and the sky started getting dark! I started to stress, as she had just gotten her make-up done!

We decided to try and RUSH downtown as fast as we could, but we decided we didn't think we'd make it! So we decided, why not do a small shoot at my house on backdrop paper and we can reschedule her outdoor session for another day!

So we showed up to my house, set up my studio and went to work and I am so happy with how all of these turned out!!!

MUA: Brooke Almuete at Beauty Brands

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