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Leslie | NYC Senior Session

Along with Emily, Leslie also made the trip to the Big Apple for an amazing senior session!!! This was Leslie and her mom's first trip to NYC and I am so happy that they decided to make that trip with me!!! We had such a blast exploring the city and taking beautiful pictures of this beautiful girl!!!

We woke up bright and early on Friday, you know because that was the only day it wasn't supposed to rain when we were there! HAHA We went from Central Park, to DUMBO and Brooklyn Bridge and back to Times Square!!! I loved being able to share my love of the city with them!

I also felt like a real New Yorker when I got to take everybody on their first subway AND I saw my first subway RAT!!! I always search and I have never seen one until this trip! Yes! Sadly, I actually got excited even though it totally creeped me out!!!

For that perfect city view, was a wonderful sign that said "keep off the rocks" well with the rebels that we are, we climbed out on those rocks and got our shots and as soon as we hopped off, here came park security and we had just barely missed them! I call that success!! HAHAH

Now I'm secretly hoping I get the text that Leslie and Mitzi decided to come with me to Charleston next!!! Who needs to be home for the summer? HA

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