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Me and My Life!

I am SO glad you are here!!! I wanted to use this opportunity to tell you a little about myself, why I do what I do, and what I love!!!

I am currently 28 years old (29 in a month and approaching 30 ENTIRELY too fast!!!) I am married to my super stud of a husband, Zach, and we have two beautiful boys Kyser and Kohen!

I began photography in 2014 when my oldest son, Kyser, was about 6 months old and started taking pictures of my sweet boy and one day I just stuck a watermark on my pictures and just dove right in!

I started taking pictures of my friends kids and families and worked countless hours trying to learn more and more! I am 100% self-taught and there is always so much to learn and I am still constantly learning till this day! When I started, I took pictures of anything and everything - weddings, newborns, families, kids, etc. Once I got my first senior, I WAS HOOKED!!! Y'all I LOVE taking pictures of my seniors!!! I love the connection, I love the feeling of giving my client confidence in front of my lens and feeling beautiful with every snap! I knew this is what I wanted to focus on, so 2016 came along and I started putting a huge focus of my business on my senior clients and marketing my business towards seniors.

I have dropped weddings and newborns from my business completely, but still love to capture families and children as well! I recently started taking on real estate photography as well - which is something I LOVE! I've always loved to go look at houses and go to open houses, so this route is such a fun add on for me!!!

I love spending my spare time with my families and friends! We are on the go the majority of the time, but that's how I live! I am unable to sit still and relax, if I am home, I am either chasing my kids, working on my business or cleaning! Very rarely do I sit and prop my feet up and just relax!

Traveling is one of my biggest passions! I want to see the world! If I could go on a monthly vacation, I TOTALLY WOULD!!! I recently started offering travel sessions for my seniors and it has been so much already!!! I recently went to Malibu with three seniors and then to NYC with two seniors two months later! In July, I will be taking a few more to Charleston and I can't wait to see where this life takes me next! Palm Springs? Bermuda? Italy? HMMM...I guess we shall see!!!

Photo Credit: Erica Mae Photography

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